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9 September 2009

Lunch box

School started yesterday and that got me thinking about lunch. How do you handle lunchtime? In Austria lunch is the big meal of the day and dinner is small and snackish. I love that. But here in the USofA it is hard to pull off that kind of schedule. Lunch is often away from home, at school, at work. Eating out (or eating school lunch) is one way to handle this meal, but that can be expensive and not-so-nutricious. The New York Times published a story on Bento Boxes that was full of interesting ideas.

Nathaniel has become very creative in the kitchen, devouring the Betty Crocker cookbook, making lunches and dinners all last week, and wondering when he’ll have time to cook during the school year. He also loves things Japanese, like sushi (well, some sushi). Maybe making bento boxes is an idea that would work for him?


One Response to “Lunch box”

n8hjp / 17 September 2009 / 7:02pm

One of the weeks I was in Tokyo years ago, we had bento for most of the lunches. It was really a pretty nice way to eat (even if in our case it was bought instead of made at home.) You could go in and look at the boxes and pick out the one you wanted (which was great for the non-local!)

I bet my kids would enjoy the idea also…

As for Sushi, I think the phrase “Well, some sushi” is probably right for everyone… I got a reputation of being willing to try anything when I was traveling in Asia and some of the local engineers would try to “stump” me, and they got me on some Sushi in Toyko, and something they called “chicken soft bones…” I think that was in Taipei.

Thanks for bringing back the memories…

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