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13 March 2009 . Comments Off on Another weekend poll

Another weekend poll

Two people have announced their candidacy for the open 2010 US Senate seat in Ohio. My brother, Christopher, has not announced yet. But he has said he’s considering a run and so his is being included in various straw polls. This weekend we see another one at Ohio Daily. Please vote for Christopher. I’d like to keep the race in Ohio interesting!


photo by theresathompson

2 March 2009 . Comments Off on Refrigerator


Every once in a while Nathaniel or Alex will give me a piece of art. I love them all and wish I could find a place for everything on my walls. I’ve decided to add these to a Flickr set for these. If you are a Flickr friend, then take a look at the Refrigerator set.

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17 February 2009 . Comments Off on Where art thou?

Where art thou?

The straw poll is now closed, and Christopher did really well.

Christopher Celeste blew the doors off the competition in winning the first OhioDaily Senate Straw Poll of the long campaign with 44% of the vote in an 11 choice contest. Only hours after voting opened late Friday afternoon, Celeste had built an impressive head start flirting the rest of the weekend with the 50% mark.

So, what does this tell us? Well, not much. It does show that the son of the former Governor has a very focused and networked group of supporters. Once the poll launched Friday, there was a steady and almost robotic clicking of votes throughout the weekend. A quick glance at the background stats for OhioDaily showed a large number of Celeste’s supporters entering the poll via Twitter, Facebook, or direct email links. For a candidate most of us had never really heard of prior to Friday, it was an impressive show of support. The true test for Celeste, should he take this flirtation to the next level, will be how that same support translates into campaign contributions and how that support can be organically (and quickly) grown into a political movement.

When the race becomes “real” and candidates formally announce, the game changes dramatically.

True enough. Christopher has a lot of soul-searching to do. But if he does decide to run, I know where I want to be: by his side.


13 February 2009 . Comments Off on Oh, brother!

Oh, brother!

It looks like Christopher is considering a run for the US Senate in Ohio. Woo hoo! I find it hard to keep down the shivers of excitement I feel when thinking about bright next-generation thinkers and doers like Christopher and Michael Bennet building a new US Senate interested in solving our problems rather than building walls between parties.

I love the fact that I can already vote for Christopher! [Update, poll closed, see the results.]

Christopher Celeste, Washington, DC, 1/20/2009

18 January 2009 . Comments Off on Obamarama


We are packed and ready to go. At 4:30 in the morning we will head to the airport, ready for whatever Washington has in store for us. I happened to be in DC in late October last year and realized, as I walked between the Washington and Lincoln memorials that I really wanted to be back there on January 20th with Mary and the boys. Marnie, a longtime family friend, opened her house to us when we called in November and the plan was set.

As the actual trip has come closer, I’ve become much more nervous about it. Reports are that DC will be pretty overwhelmed. I think it really hit me when the Metro started to say they won’t be able to carry the load. Yikes! Still, we were locked in so we kept moving ahead. Tomorrow we’ll see just how hard Barrack will rock the town.

This is such an important event. I am so grateful to be able to share my nation’s capitol with my children on a day we can be so proud of our accomplishment. We have so much more to do, may this week launch us into that future with hearts full of joy.

If you want to follow along on our journey, I’ll try to tweet regularly. Check out We may even get a few pictures up there!


3 January 2009 . 1 Comment

Ferber and the Family Bed

Today I caught this status update from a friend on Facebook: “survived the first night of Ferberizing. (wife) didn’t die, (baby) didn’t die, (wife) didn’t kill me. (baby) slept on her own from 11:00 to 6:30.” That reminded me of my own experience. I have such a bad memory and have worn down so many rough edges in my rearview mirror that this is probably a good long way from the reality of events, but maybe Mary will chime in with a comment of her own to remind me of the truth of our family bed. Read on for the story.


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2 January 2009 . Comments Off on Bennet for Senate

Bennet for Senate

One of my disappointments as Obama assembled his cabinet was that Michael Bennet was not selected to become Secretary of Education. Michael is currently the superintendent of Denver Public Schools, but my memories are of playing poolside with Michael and his brother James at May 30th reunions in Essex, Connecticut.

These reunions were actually our parents’ generation gathering around Chet Bowles, with whom many of them had served when he was ambassador to India. Actually, many of those gathered dated back even futher, having worked with Chet at the Office of Price Administration under FDR or when he was Governor of Connecticut or in India for his first tour as Ambassador. Chet, terribly impaired by Parkinson’s, kept an acute eye on the proceedings, every once in a while sharing his thoughts through a megaphone-like tube that amplified his halting whispers. I loved those weekends, and loved the May 30th friends we made.

Michael’s dad, Doug Bennet, was President of NPR for a while. He invited me to watch All Things Considered once while I was in Washington. Doug went on to become president of Wesleyan University, and my own father later became Ambassador to India and then president of Colorado College. Those May 30th connections seemed alive with Chet’s spirit.

Today I learned that Michael is likely to be appointed US Senator from Colorado. If so, he will become the youngest member of the Senate at 44. I am disappointed no longer! I can’t imagine a more qualified person to take up such a responsibility, Michael is full of great ideas and a love of public service. All I can see is Chet smiling and nodding. I think he would be very proud of his May 30th friends and what they continue to accomplish for this country.

Michael Bennet

17 November 2008 . Comments Off on Wiener Christkindlmarkt am Rathaus

Wiener Christkindlmarkt am Rathaus

One of the nice things about visiting Vienna as Advent nears is that the Christkindlmarkts start to open up. One of the more colorful is this one at the Wiener Rathaus, but there are many variations on this theme around the city. I like to grab a langos (a kind of garlic elephant ear) and Nathaniel enjoys the hot dogs and schaumbecher (a chocolate-covered marshmellow cone).

15 November 2008 . Comments Off on Sunny walk

Sunny walk

I love the walk down Kahlenberg, so near my grandmother’s home in Grinzing, so far above the hustle of the city. Just follow the path down from the overlook, as long as you keep going down you won’t go wrong. Generally follow Kahlenberger Strasse until you hit Beethovengang. Its a walk you can easily imagine Beethoven enjoying.

14 November 2008 . Comments Off on Haus der Musik

Haus der Musik

We visited the Haus der Musik in Vienna today. What a really pleasant surprise it was! I usually can’t pay attention to more than an hour or two in a museum, but I felt like I could spend a whole day here. It has a lot in common with science museums in that the exhibits are highly interactive, but the whole focus is on sounds and music. I found the computer based modules very engaging and absorbing. I wanted to try every one, but Mary and Alex and Nathaniel kept dragging me forward through the place. The whole environment was soothing and felt welcoming, unrushed, isolated from real time and the real world. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Vienna.

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