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7 January 2009 . Comments Off on FFR: VixML


VixML may be an interesting way to develop visual iPhone apps.

13 October 2008 . Comments Off on FFR: Kosmix

FFR: Kosmix

Another interesting all-in-one search engine in alpha.

26 September 2008 . Comments Off on FFR: Moderator

FFR: Moderator

Another Google 20% project rears its head. Moderator could help a group of people (say, public at a school board meeting) select the best questions to present. A nifty idea, and an interesting expression of faith in the wisdom of crowds. Still, I wonder how many people at the school board meeting have a computer, and of those that do, who has an internet connection?

31 August 2008 . Comments Off on FFR: Quarkbase

FFR: Quarkbase

Quarkbase looks like a good way to do a whois plus extras.

28 August 2008 . Comments Off on FFR: Election Map 2.0

FFR: Election Map 2.0

This will be a fun site to come back to on election night. Daily Kos is working up an interactive election map that is looking pretty awesome.

27 August 2008 . Comments Off on FFR: Compact Calendar

FFR: Compact Calendar

Need a calendar for planning purposes? Consider basing it on the compact calendar template David Seah created. This looks like a great way to fit a year onto a page, with plenty of room to describe events.

Picture 6.png

24 August 2008 . Comments Off on FFR: Zapproved

FFR: Zapproved

Something to look at the next time I need a group to make a decision: Zapproved. This is a free net facilitated kind of voting.

21 August 2008 . Comments Off on FFR: Geocaching

FFR: Geocaching

Nathaniel and I had fun geocaching a few weeks back on a field trip to Fort Snelling State Park. Mary’s new iPhone made for a great geocaching tool.

28 July 2008 . Comments Off on FFR: Google Calendar Syncing

FFR: Google Calendar Syncing

Google announces that it can now sync with Apple’s iCal, without any third party software. I’ll have to look into this more closely and see if it may solve Mary’s frustrations with our half-adoption of Google Calendar. (Thanks, lifehacker.)

18 July 2008 . Comments Off on FFR: Kid wash

FFR: Kid wash

OK, this looks like fun!

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