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26 February 2010 . Comments Off on Code4Lib 2010

Code4Lib 2010

I just spent a wonderful week in Asheville, NC, attending Code4Lib 2010. Code4Lib is an energetic community of library hackers who communicate all year round via IRC, email, and other media, but like to also meet annually to grab some face time with each other and share a bit of play in the process. What struck me most about the meeting was how well Code4Lib lives up to its ethos of “no spectators.” It was a meeting that demanded real participation, not simple proximity. I wrote a report about this first look at Code4Lib, take a look if you want to know more.


13 March 2009 . Comments Off on FFR: TagExplorer

FFR: TagExplorer

I like using images when I put together presentations and posts. I usually find these on Flickr, where if I do an advanced search I can ask it to only return images with Creative Commons licenses. Now I’ve found an easier way, while it lasts, using Yahoo’s experimental TagExplorer. All the images returned by TagExplorer are CC licensed!

Picture 25.png

4 March 2009 . Comments Off on Credit crisis visualized

Credit crisis visualized

This video is a very good explanation of how the credit crisis came about if you put mortgages at ground zero. I highly recommend spending 10 minutes absorbing it.

But then I also recall that I don’t think mortgages are at ground zero of this crisis. I think it is much deeper than that, more related to wildly outsized consumer spending and debt, not just mortgage debt. Banks have been crazy to invest in consumer debt for way too long, and the government keeps celebrating the “consumer.” Even now. We have not learned our lesson yet, which is part of why I fear we have a while more to wallow in this trough.

24 January 2009 . Comments Off on Inauguration


Wow. That was something. Mary, Alex, Nathaniel and I all went to Washington to be part of the inaugural of Barack Obama. We met up with Christopher and his kids there. It was a wonderful way to spend the week. I was moved in all sorts of ways while experiencing the week, but find myself oddly mute now. After struggling with this a bit, I’ve decided I’ll just get some of our pictures up and maybe the rest of my thoughts and feelings will seep out over the coming weeks.

Alex has no such writer’s block! For a nice blow by blow summary of our trip, check out his blog entry.

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