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6 May 2009 . Comments Off on 70.3 Miles to Africa

70.3 Miles to Africa

Marika Viragh has created a wonderful “Race to Africa” project for her senior year in high school. She hopes to attract support for kids at the Ubumwe Community Center in Rwanda. She’s collecting shoes and dollars. Consider it.

I’m also impressed with the webhost she’s found for her site. Squarespace looks a bit like an iWeb that could actually work: solid hosting with the sugar of interesting design.

2 April 2009 . Comments Off on FFR: Adobe spells color kuler

FFR: Adobe spells color kuler

Next time I need to build a color palette: kuler.


21 December 2008 . Comments Off on Fixing broken WordPress XMLRPC

Fixing broken WordPress XMLRPC

Today is a nice snowy Sunday, but I spent almost the whole day in front of my computer. It turns out that the WordPress installations we run were all compromised. This was quite a headache and took a bit of sleuthing to nail down, so I thought I’d at least document what we learned in case it is helpful to anyone else. Read on for the details. Read the rest of this entry »

21 December 2008 . Comments Off on Transforming online government

Transforming online government

The federal government has a boatload of websites, most of them feel confusing and old fashioned to me. Not surprisingly, these sites are managed by a boatload of webmasters. What does surprise me a bit is the quality of the white paper these webmasters produced for the presidential transition team. This document from the Federal Web Managers Council on Putting Citizens First: Transforming Online Government is quite an eyeopener. I imagine many large organizations (universities, state governments, and the like) could benefit from adopting these principles.

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