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7 August 2004 . 1 Comment

Delicious Library

Think Secret is reporting that the wonderfully named Delicious Monster Software is working up an app called Delicious Library. As a librarian with a Mac, this is a piece of software I’ve always wanted! Make sure to page through the pictures at the Think Secret site. Even if this app is vapor, the pictures present dozens of interface innovations that would make our academic library system catalogs a whole lot more inviting. Why can’t we do this with our catalogs? And check out the iSight barcode idea! Note that an iSight camera costs only $150, less than most dedicated barcode wands, and it can do much more than just read barcodes. I hope this product is real so I can buy an iSight to see whether this technology actually works.

7 August 2004 . Comments Off on Wikipedia


Slashdot is carrying a nice little interview with Jimmy Wales, the creator of the Wikipedia. If you’ve not yet discovered this wonderful example of “open content” you should take a peek. The wikipedia’s philosophy of openness not only of access, but also of authorship is an inspiring extension of what libraries have been about. What if we didn’t just share the reference collection, but helped co-author it? Amazingly, the wikipedia organizers consider $50,000 of support a big deal. Libraries regularly attract bigger grants from the feds and organization like Mellon with a whole lot less to show for it. I wonder what the wikipedia could do with a $250,000 Mellon grant?

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