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26 February 2008 . Comments Off on Chocolate hot cross buns

Chocolate hot cross buns

We took on the task of explaining Hot Cross Buns to our faith formation group this weekend. Lucky for us we learned from the wikipediea article that a new tradition of chocolate hot cross buns has arisen in Austrailia. That made Nathaniel pretty enthusiastic about our weekend baking duty!

26 February 2008 . Comments Off on Obey Giant

Obey Giant

So along the way I miss a lot, one thing I’ve clearly missed is obey giant, an intentional phenomenon by artist Frank Shepard Fairy in 1986. I stumbled across it because Fairy has created a beautiful Obama print.

Obama Poster

I found a these four obey giant pieces make great desktop tiles.

25 February 2008 . Comments Off on Dan Trajman’s art

Dan Trajman’s art

Who knew that Dan Trajman, former head of ExLibris USA, left to follow his heart. I feel a bit less alone on my journey after seeing what he is up to. His work, a mosaic of cedar blocks, is wonderful. Take a look.

Blossom (2006), Dan Trajman 

25 February 2008 . Comments Off on Lessing not running for office (yet)

Lessing not running for office (yet)

Oh well, it was wonderful to imagine Lessig in Congress with Obama in the White House. Lessig has done his homework and concluded that there is no way he could win the special election in California’s 12th CD. Indeed, he believes such a run would damage his ability to lauch the broader Change Congress movement he has been developing. Likely a wise decision, but still a disappointment. 

25 February 2008 . Comments Off on Moving


Well, a lot has happened since I last blogged. I don’t suppose I’m much of a blogger after all. I did keep quite a few notes about our trip to Austria last year on our Austria 2007 web site. But since leaving the University of Minnesota last year I’ve been looking for a way to move my blog off UThink. Unfortunately, even though I asked for it years ago, there is still no “export” available from the U’s Movable Type installation. So I finally took a deep breath and spent 90 minutes moving all the entries by hand. I guess it’s a good thing I was not more prolific! So, from here on, this blog will be hosted at my own site.

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