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28 April 2008 . Comments Off on FFR: Sketchnotes

FFR: Sketchnotes

These sketchnotes by Mike Rohde are great. I was particularly impressed by Good Design Hurts from SXSW. Both the content (Gruber etco.) and the presentation (Rohde) are worthwhile.

28 April 2008 . Comments Off on Evernote


I’ve begun to play with Evernote, which is a scrapbook webapp that is currently making the rounds in private beta. I like the fact that it has both a native app and webapp expression, and I really like the fact that it does OCR on any image it stores. This is great for business cards and text in snapshots. It will take a while to figure out if it becomes indispensable or forgotten. Looks promising so far.

25 April 2008 . Comments Off on FFR: MHS doing good

FFR: MHS doing good

The IMLS project the MHS has undertaken with George Mason is bearing some very nice fruit: Omeka. I have yet to try the software, but I am encouraged by the packaging. Good license, nice use of CSS on the websites. Interesting set of showcases. Nice developer conversation and documentation. It looks like this may be a nice alternative for folks setting up digital collections, and maybe an interesting project to contribute to.

25 April 2008 . 1 Comment

FFR: Youngnow

This might be a fun project for a family reunion: recreate favorite childhood photos. Ask each person to bring a picture of themselves they love, then during the reunion help them recreate it. As the reunion winds down, do a slideshow of then & now photos.


24 April 2008 . Comments Off on Ballooning impact

Ballooning impact

Here is a clear visual about each of our impact on greenhouse gasses. Pretty effective, I think. (Tip o’hat to information aesthetics).

23 April 2008 . Comments Off on Ich liebe dich

Ich liebe dich

Twenty years ago today Mary and I shared our vows with a few hundred friends. This is how we shared those words in 1988.

We cherish this opportunity to see God’s web become visible among us. We know that for many people, especially our gay and lesbian friends, that opportunity rarelly, if ever, arises. We would like you to share in making this web even stronger and more visible by joining us—and joining hands—in a prayer for the people in our lives whom we love for better and for worse. Friends, family, lovers, community—all share bonds that stretch rather than break, and expand instead of explode. Please join us in this prayer with the one or ones you are committed to:

Before God and this community I promise that I will be honest with you, that I will share with you who I am and who I am becoming, that I will respect you and celebrate the ways you are different from me, that I will care for you always, that I will seek your forgiveness when we fail to live up to our shared covenant, and that I will dream with you and work with you to make those dreams come true.

I know I have failed to live up to this covenant countless times, and I thank Mary for her forgiveness and patience. I hope that many more years of dreaming together lie ahead, and I am so pleased we now get to share our lives with Alex and Nathaniel as well. Thank you, Mary. Ich liebe dich.


23 April 2008 . Comments Off on Obama’s Appeal

Obama’s Appeal

It is interesting to note that Obama seems to have improved in his appeal to older and white voters since the Ohio election. (All to be consumed with grains of “exit poll” salt.) It looks like the overall win for Clinton in PA was narrower than OH (over 99% reporting shows she won by 8.6%), but some of the demographics are encouraging for Obama. (Data from DailyKos.)

Picture 5.png

23 April 2008 . Comments Off on A firm grip

A firm grip

Ah, sometimes designers can overlook the most obvious things. The Register reports (hat tips to the Daily Dish and the Times) that the Office of Government Commerce in the UK has developed a new logo. Very nice.


Unless you turn your head a bit (or just click on the logo above). The response of managers when their staff pointed out the side-effect? They noted these are just generic letters and the logo “is not inappropriate to an organisation that’s looking to have a firm grip on government spend.”


22 April 2008 . Comments Off on FFR: Capturing web sites

FFR: Capturing web sites

Every once in a while I want to capture a web site or a portion of one. Today Lifehacker presented a simple solution: wget from GNU. Read below the fold for Mac installation instructions.
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19 April 2008 . Comments Off on Call me crazy

Call me crazy

I have decided to give a bunch of personal and even some financial information away to internet startups. I know, could be a very bad move. But I love the products these companies have created and the only way to really understand them is to press forward with my own data. Both seem to be attentive to the security issues, so I’m betting all will be OK. Still, here’s to the future, it is a bit edgy.

What are these two products:

(1) I want to escape Quicken, and Mint looks like an interesting candidate for doing that. It is a beautiful web app with no-brainer setup and clear infographics. The one flaw (for me) is that it does not include any bill paying feature, but I could move that to my bank anyway. We’ll see how that goes.

(2) I’ve tried programs like the lovely MacFamilyTree for building our family tree. It is not bad, but the tree goes stale quickly because I’m the only one editing it. I’m in the process of moving all the data I have in MacFamilyTree over to ItsOurTree, a very simply designed family tree builder on the web that (I think) will let me share the task of maintaining that tree with many “friends” (in other words, other family members). It looks good so far, but I have not tried the friending part yet. This app comes out of Germany, so I can even invite the Austrian side of the family into the fun if it works out.

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