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18 April 2008 . Comments Off on Coder in the house

Coder in the house

These tips for dating a coder may hit a little too close to home. Not that I’m a coder. Not really. No.

Another post in a similar vein.

18 April 2008 . Comments Off on Fonts alive

Fonts alive

Wow, this world of Processing is hard to get out of my head. Take a look at these calligraphic experiments.

Picture 22.png

18 April 2008 . Comments Off on FFR: Bloxes

FFR: Bloxes

This looks like it might be a cool step up from lego.

17 April 2008 . Comments Off on FFR: Processing

FFR: Processing

Processing might be fun to play with some time. Maybe try this.

Picture 19.png

17 April 2008 . Comments Off on The art of document analysis

The art of document analysis

Thanks to Peter for a pointer to the Neoformix site. It is full of wonderful experiments in illuminating data, especially written word, though informative visualizations. Really cool stuff, some of it created by the author, other examples gathered from around the world. Here is one example, a “document contrast diagram” for Clinton and Obama’s Super Tuesday remarks.


Update: Infosthetics may also be worth keeping an eye on.

17 April 2008 . Comments Off on Brushing it off

Brushing it off

Mmmm. I must say, I did not watch the debate last night. I heard one question (lapel pins) and I tired immediately. The after-coverage has made me grateful I spent the time playing catch with Nathaniel instead. A much better use of my time. I think Barack would agree, especially after watching this clip. The man can make me smile and feel good about politics, even when he’s down he brings me back and raises my energy.

17 April 2008 . Comments Off on FFR: Securing a Mac

FFR: Securing a Mac

Even though this Ars article does not actually recommend the one practice I try to live by (use a non-admin account day-to-day), it looks like it would be worth reviewing some time when I have the energy to improve my own security practices.

16 April 2008 . Comments Off on Courage to smile

Courage to smile

I think it sometimes takes courage to approach public policy with a bit of a smile. Will people get the joke or roast you for the offenses? Oregon Senator Ron Wyden demonstrates some of this courage and makes me smile. Here’s a great, yet lighthearted, ad that explains part of why our healthcare system feels so broken. How trapped do you feel?

15 April 2008 . Comments Off on FFR: Future of the ILS

FFR: Future of the ILS

Lorcan points to a UK report on the status and future of integrated library systems. A bit wordy, the report does gather together some useful information and observations. Examples below the fold.
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14 April 2008 . Comments Off on With supporters like this…

With supporters like this…

Obama can change the world! OK, maybe I’m getting carried away, but this interview is great. I ended up more informed by watching this kid take the reporter trying to trip him up to school. An amazing interview, starts off combative, but the kid (Derrick he says is his name at the end) just keeps on an even balance, listens to each question, and answers. My dream is that Obama gets elected and brings people like this to Washington.

Update: this has been around longer than I thought (posted on 2/2). Turns out that there is now a bit of a move to post similar cogent arguments for candidates at Take a look.

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