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3 December 2008 . Comments Off on Something different

Something different

An interesting game has appeared. I find it relaxing and not a little addictive. More meditative than aggravating. An exploration. You’ll need to listen to it for full enjoyment, so it may not be good for you when at work. Give Auditorium a try. And lets hope they keep building it out.


2 December 2008 . Comments Off on The Second Obama Administration

The Second Obama Administration

Obama seems to be hiring a few people who know Second Life quite well. This could be interesting.

1 December 2008 . Comments Off on CC


The Obama site has changed over to the Creative Commons “by” license, a huge shift from it’s former copyright stringency.

CC founder Lessig is quite pleased: “This is great news about a subject that’s harder than it seems…I’m glad the thought in this administration led to the right conclusion, so quickly, and in the midst of so much else going on.”

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